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by agencies that did (inaudible) external folks to come in and help. in fact, people competed for the right to pay for both. they were actually going to fund (inaudible). we actually... (inaudible) when we lost the program on may 23rd. and you will hear more about the (inaudible) next. (inaudible) to work with the u.s.... (inaudible) for six months, right? (inaudible) we have massive,
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massive response. some (inaudible)... who then started their work in july and in august. and they are off to an unbelievable start working with their (inaudible) to do amazing things. (inaudible) one of the primary... (inaudible) is to get your help. because, (inaudible) 2,000 miles... (inaudible) they want to help in any way that they
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possibly can. (inaudible) before we do that, we would like to announce a very special guest, actually... mayor lee. ... >> mayor lee. >> i can't begin to tell you how excited i am for white house... and the (inaudible) president's fellowship program to be announced here and to see a national effort to join the local efforts. i will start out to tell you what happened to me coming a few years when i first started in government. the first years as a very brash
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and passionate attorney. now i have a lot of strong feelings about... (inaudible) low income tenants and the department of building inspection and fire department. the wave of the streets were conducted that will be safe in the public housing project ts. and during those years, 23 years ago. really kind of change... (inaudible) or you have to sue it to change it. of course, as an attorney (inaudible). of course, i litigated against the city for some years and got convinced that maybe that does not end up in all of the best results. so i got enticed by (inaudible) to start working in it and... required the people in the city
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government who wanted to do better but simply did not know how. the passion was there. the passion from our communities have been there for many, many years. and so, fast forward 20 years later i am the mayor of this crazy place and i tried... (inaudible). and i think the great way of doing that is to model new ways to an old passion and as people who want to solve problems and people who have passion to get other people involved in the community and government and people who have a passion to help others. people who have the passion to pledge the welfare of the city ahead of their own success. that is what i want to see happen in government. and so, a lot of it is called innovations because, gss what? i learned very quickly, from years of working with christene and others, innovation is not just about technology, it is about a spirit of being willing
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to solve problems for a larger (inaudible) that is what i have always kept as a close objective. my role in government. so it is with that i wanted to thank the number of people here, first and foremost, ted (inaudible) and america, and just this place, (inaudible) america that has been really very helpful to insight a lot more innovative spirit in everybody and i said what is your passion? and how can we get people who share that same passion to break the barriers of either the lack of technology or education level to really work together to collaborate even further. and so, we were... service, and we are (inaudible) america next year to become partner and tackle the issues that we have been struggling with in government. i also want to thank, mike (inaudible) he is here. mike is the head of a city hall
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fellows for quite some years. and in fact, i think that he is responsible for some set of (inaudible) of students that come through the city since 2008 helping us and helping the department solve problems and being additional eyes and ears on creative ways to communicate with our citizenry to solve problems and public safety. i want to thank ron con way who was helped me at the ffc, the initiative for technology and innovation. and here our new (inaudible) the new chamber of commerce and it is not us, so much, helping them, it is they are asking, now over 304 (inaudible)... >> 305. >> 305. girls, over night. with technology companies that are helping us build a very strong partnership on how to solve the problems that will eventually help create jobs and
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solve issues that we have watched over for, issues such as how to (inaudible) how do you share more information with where the buses are going? how do you get parking solved in this great city? how do you match up bicycle lanes with traffic places so that each one of them, the drivers and the bicyclists are safe in our town? just a whole host of things. here is bob he is the head of professional engineers, because we want to do it with our people. that is what... we solve... last year was a huge challenges in our city. (inaudible) city. litigation for years to come, bob, because they want to work with our labor to try to get successes building. and now we have the opportunity to work with (inaudible) who
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are going to give us all of our technology, (inaudible) in the city. to excite them, because, some of the things that i learned very early is, people who don't know what we are trying to do will maybe think in fear, is it my job at stake? because of the technology? or am i going to be (inaudible) because of technology? >> and at the end of the day, everybody's job is enhanced not limiting. you will be asked to do more with less. we have to do more and this is where the role of technology and our passions come together. >> and i want to also thank our department of human services as well. they have been very active in helping us figure out more on the workforce issues as we try to get more into a modern (inaudible). all of these recognitions are in anticipation of all of those... two of those. the first one, which (inaudible) [ applause ]
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>> you know, we are getting ready because we declared the month of october the innovation month and that is when we clinched the nationally (inaudible) and the other one that i made in recognition and certainly taking the lead from president obama and the white house presidential fellows. is that we are today, announcing our own mayor's city hall innovation fellows as a program in san francisco. [ applause ] >> and collaborate their own passions for improving our city. we made this announcement very early because we want the same thing. we want fellows that have come through for years in the first generation of programs to meet
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the fellows programs 2021, and global technology and the (inaudible) sector to help these fellows help us. and so we will ask and make applications available for those who want to help us really solve some issues in our city. and allow these things, the collaboration that we have and the target history and the (inaudible) members and other members, we are going to be asking, (inaudible) to step up, not just on the weekend, not just when they have time, this is a business proposition for the city. we truly want to change the way that we do things. we don't have to build (inaudible), we can do them through our passion of wanting the best way to do things for our citizen and for our businesses in san francisco. and so, we are going to establish a city hall innovation fellows program that recruits people and recruits companies who will pay their employees to help us
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(inaudible) at city hall and tackle all of the constant (inaudible) problems whether it is with their e-mail systems or different technology systems. or, whether we can innovate with the public about how to get better services out there to tackle lots of issues in the neighborhoods. we have got a lot of things, that are happening in the month of october. i said that it is our innovation month. and i want to invite all of you to kind of an open house that we have. i think that we have some 74 different companies for participating open (inaudible). kind of our open house. they got to introduce themselves to both communities everybody, be free to go in and see how people tackle the problems that they are working on and open up that with the local communities and others. (inaudible) we have got open data and it is still something that chris started and jane is now picking up, our chief innovation officer for the city.
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and james is heading up the (inaudible) data efforts for us to generate more data out there. so the companies are our local, entrepreneurs to create the projects for our city. all of that, in addition to many new things are working with, even the new... accelerated which is kind of identifying the new (inaudible) with the new technology world. there is a lot of accelerating incubating that is going on in our city. and i am excited that we get to make this announcement of our city innovation fellow to really follow the lead of our president and make our communities more prosperous, and i think that we have got a great (inaudible) and you know, at the end of the day, not only want to improve the city, i want everybody... (inaudible) of all incomes to really be
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able to access the wonderful economy that we are involved in, with all of our different, new, companies that are coming in. like apples... (inaudible) to write a future. to be able to live in an exciting vibrant city. i am so glad that we have to have such a compliment with innovation at such a level, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, so much, for your incredibly exciting (inaudible) i am sure that you will get tons of applicants for the fellow. and one thing that i can say is if you follow... you are actually following (inaudible) for her as inspiration for all of this. and what a wonderful movement it is. so what we are going to do now is actually move into the interactive portion of the
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(inaudible). so you can decide which one you want to join. and on the two break out sessions happening at the same time and then the break-out sessions, one for the... (inaudible) and the other for... and which do you want to go to. so the first project, we talked about in detail is called the open data initiatives program. it is very much building on what steve was talking about. the idea of this project was to liberate the data from the vault (inaudible) >> >> >>
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